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DPS Vision :

Delhi Public School is one of the largest chain of public schools with over 167 members in India & 15 in abroad. Over a period of sixty years DPS has gathered experience and knowledge in managing education. As learning comes naturally to a child, It need not to be drilled or forced through rote learning. DPS is child-centric. The child's participation and experience is of paramount importance to us as educators. The school is driven to enable each student to realise his / her potential to the fullest and achieve his/her dreams. This is what gives us supreme satisfaction.

The DPS teaching - learning pattern is throughout joyful and builds a healthy relationship between teachers and students. A journey of discovery is through activities and observations. The tools are the books and our aids are specially designed by teachers. This all forms the repertoire of the curriculum but equally important is the nature around us : trees, gardens and playgrounds of the school. Great emphasis is laid on thematic studies. Thematic instruction is based on the idea that children acquire knowledge best by correlating concepts of different subjects.

If we look back, students have been discouraged from verbalizing their thoughts and queries in classrooms and the result had been the magority of students afraid to speak in the public domain. But DPS guidelines emphasises more to promote thinking and to encourage depsites to speak coherently and intelligently. We have interwoven thinking skills and speaking skills development programs as an intrinsic part of the curriculum. Keeping the tradition of DPS to give exposure to students, we plan to invite famous personalities from a wide spectrum for talks, seminars and interaction with students. Dignitaries and artistes will also be invited to the campus to give an insight to children as to what is happening around the globe, how other people live and the cultures they follow.

We aspire to see that each alumnus becomes a leader and to ensure that, leadership training starts early in school with students taking on various responsibilities of their classrooms and activities through participation in the school's prefectorial body. We assure that each teacher of our campus will play multiple roles - to be a friend, philosopher and mentor to the young inquisitive minds and souls. We believe 'a satisfied teacher is a good teacher'. For this, teachers would be put through various training programs conducted on and off campus.

At DPS, the purpose of education is to develop the complete child, someone who is keen to explore, has the emotional quotient to take everything in stride and has the social skills to interact with the world at large. We look forward toward our children as an adult of tomorrow taking on a leadership role and contributing to their society and their nation as a whole.

An equal emphasis would be laid on making our students aware of issues that are posing a threat to our fragile eco-system. We aspire to convert each and every depsite that passes through the portals of Delhi Public School, into an ambassador for environmental protection. It is easier to rule a nation than to bring up a child! Children question the authenticity of everything they see around them; Academics do contribute but only a part of their growth. It is the physical and mental growth which needs to be stressed at the primary school level, without which the all-round development is incomplete.

We plan to make our 'depsites' health conscious to put them in proper eating habit and also to involve them in different sports like chess, basketball, football, badminton, table tennis, hockey and swimming to promote the culture of sports.

Along with a sound body a sound and creative mind's development is also the responsibility of the school. We plan to organize different activities which encourage children to be original and motivate innovative thinking. We want to see them creating own stories, writing scripts, spreading colours with a force in their brush strokes and direct their own little projects with the help of their teachers.

The aim is to help children to become confident and come over their hesitation. Children shirk off their shyness and fear through multifarious joyful theatrical games and exercises.

A well equipped Audio Visual Room is designed to explore and learn concepts through words, sounds, pictures and animations in an interactive way. The information will be presented through multimedia devices in a more dynamic and involving way which will provide a rich learning environment for the students.

No matter how much these efforts may succeed, we are sure of one thing; that your child, after finishing school in Delhi Public School, will emerge as a well-informed, articulate and confident human being, ready to acquire the role of a global citizen and a master in his or her own field.