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Kindergarten :

A Kindergarten means "children's garden", a preschool educational approach where the children should be 'nurtured and nourished' like plants in a garden which is based around playing, singing, practical activities, and social interaction as part of the transition from home to school.

The child steps out from the closed environment of his / her home to the unknown world that is a school. This is the stage when a child doesn't know what he/she is going to face. So he/she is a little apprehensive to accept the world. The right environment and support can help him/her to become comfortable and certainly can give him/her a better future. We look forward to focus on habit formation and guide them to learn to communicate in unknown boundaries. A child must be instilled with the skill of expressing himself / herself.

We believe that, young minds can absorb an amazing amount of information and concepts especially when they are presented in a positive manner and in a free atmosphere. The need is to develop a surrounding which is full of fun and devoid of any threats or embarrassment. Learning and growing should be a fun. So every opportunity should be given which improves their self-esteem and nourishes their growth. We want them to feel protected and grow as independent individuals. Our aim is to expose children to the kind of stimulating experiences with healthy mental growth, motor development and writing readiness.

Fun with numbers will develop analytical and logical reasoning. At pre-primary stage the expected outcome can be summarised as: cognitive development, enhancement of vocabulary, inter-personal skills, readiness, recognition of numbers, promotion of knowledge, understanding, development of skills, development of personal & social skills, gross motor development & age appropriate values.

Day wise syllabus planning is designed, keeping in mind a joyful learning for children and also providing them the right dose of knowledge through various activities.