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Dance Room @ DPS Pali Road, Jodhpur

A dance studio is a space in which students learn or rehearse rhythmic movements. The term is typically used to describe a space that has either been built or equipped for the purpose. Dance studio at DPS PALI ROAD consists of a smooth hard wooden floor covering such floor provides a degree of flexibility to absorb the impact of intensive dance exercise, such as jumping. This is considered vital to promote good health and safety as well.

Other common features of our dance studio include a barre, which is fixed to the wall at approximately waist height and used as a means of support. As music is an integral part of dance, our studios have a sound system for playing CD's or cassett tapes, One wall is covered by floor to ceiling mirrors, which are used by dancers to see their body position and alignment.. A LCD is placed in the dance studio to give a feed back to the students about their own performance and helps them to make them better. The colorful lights give the glimpse of real stage situation and helps children to be more confident at the time of performance.