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Middle Curriculum ( VI to VIII ):

By the time a student reaches middle level, he/she is well-versed with basic concepts of every subject. This is the time when a learner starts co-relating his/her learning with surroundings. Students often have many thoughts or ideas, but they experiences difficulties when he/she tries to verbalize and communicate these ideas. To overcome these difficulties we have built up teaching and learning aids in the form of learning modules and worksheets to help our students to visualize and to master the concepts. We believe that their participation in activity-based learning will allow them to build knowledge progressively. We have prepared ample of exercises and activities for them which will encourage them to think deeply, grasp the topics naturally and gradually to become more innovative and effective learners.

We look forward to inculcate in them the habit of ‘learning by doing’. This will help students to have better understanding of concepts through self-learning.

At this level, students have to study various subjects like English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science (which includes Physic, Chemistry, Bio) Social-Studies (with branches history, civics, geographic etc.). Co-curricular activities include those activities which can bring awareness to the students and bind the students to the society. Creative and productive work include art, music, dance, craft, computer education, health education etc. Students involvement in different clubs like science club, literary club, language club, geographic club, sculpture club, heritage club and gardening club etc. adds to their knowledge and they feel pride in accomplishing their tasks and projects assigned. All these activities together make them confident to share their thoughts with their peer-group.

Good social skills need positive social reinforcement which will enhance their self-esteem. We believe that social skills are important not just in school but outside the school, social gatherings and their workplace as well.

At middle stage the expected outcome can be summarised as: Development of understanding, enhancement of knowledge, Improving efficiency in skills, creativity and abilities, command on languages, impressive communication skill, positive attitude, sensitivity towards patriotism, impressive expression of thoughts, development of ideas and positive aptitude, inculcation of social and moral values and always curious to explore the hidden facts.