A Step towards A Clean India

“Cleanliness is godliness.” A clean and healthy atmosphere leads to a healthy mind and body and keeps one’s spirit elevated and the mind fresh.

On the occasion of the ‘150th Gandhi Jayanti’, our school organised a campaign which involved the students of our prestigious institution cleaning the school premises as a part of hon. P. M Narendra Modi’s planned initiative ‘Swachhbharat Abhiyan’.

About 250 students participated in this noble initiative. The students were charged with cleaning various parts of the school that involved the classrooms from nursery to XI, the garden, the parking area, basketball court, sports complex, Vyas campus, and the computer, chemistry, biology and the physics lab. The students were supervised by the student council and the teachers who guided them through the ordeal. The zeal and determination of the students towards making this event a success was worth appreciating. Finally the campaign came to an end with the students taking a pledge to keep the school and their surroundings clean. The enthusiastic students then signed a board signifying the success of the programme. Honourable Principal Ma’am, Mrs. Niharika Chopra appreciated all the students for their amazing determination and hard work.

 All and all, the event was a great success and was a small yet pivotal step towards a ‘cleaner’ India.