School Clinic: is a facility within school intends to provide basic medical care, examining school student, prescribing proper treatments and refer them to the specialist/primary health center if required. School clinic services provided by General Practitioner or by Paediatrician.
Students are treated with respect, consideration, and dignity. The student has the right to privacy and confidentiality. Patients, or a designated person appropriate, are provided information concerning the diagnosis, evaluation, treatment options, and prognosis.
The facility is clean and properly maintained and has adequate lighting and ventilation. Facilities are available for different  hazards that might lead to slipping, falling, electrical shock, burns, or other trauma can be eliminated. School clinic has 12 beds with all basis requirements of weighing machine, height  measurement and a proper sterilisation  system  regarding protection of the health and safety of students employees.

School has a trained nurse appointed at clinic with a supporting hospital in the premises it self where there are well qualified  doctor and nurse available 24 x 7.