Workshops and Seminars

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Workshop

Glimpse of NLP Session last day It was a unique workshop conducted that aimed for the positive approach and aspect of a true teacher-student relationship. It has paved a wide platform for the teachers to understand every minute aspect of teaching methodology.
The 3 day session guided the teachers how to be the role model in pupils' life. It has taught how a teacher can generate zeal in a student to be bold & fearless in interrogation & statements. Much light was thrown on correct use linguistic knowledge.



International Synthetic Phonics Workshop

Delhi Public School, Pali Road organizes International Synthetic Phonics Workshop that enables early literacy in children Delhi Public School, Pali Road nurtures children from grass root level and raises early readers as today’s readers are tomorrow’s leaders. The school organized a fun filled professional development workshop on International Synthetic Phonics for its teachers by inviting Ms Saswati Nanda Satpathy of Sai Kids Phonics from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. “This multi sensory and child centered methodology of teaching is going to ensure that teachers can reach to all children equally in their class and children start reading and writing early on with very less dependency on their sight memory as all children are differently abled”, said Ms. Satpathy. She is associated with various schools of national and international repute all over India as phonics coach and inspires teaches at the pre-primary and primary level to believe that they are the most important asset and resource of a school. During these two days Ms. Satpathy imparted the correct sounds associated with each letter of English alphabet along with lot of activities to the teachers that will help them to train the children so that they become smarter and fearless. This program simultaneously works on listening, reading, writing & comprehending skills of children as opposed to the rote learning which pressurizes their brains to remember shapes of the letters to form words. “The best gift a school can give its toddlers is the ability to read, write and learn the fun way. The school would continue carrying out such enriching and enjoyable programs in future”, said Ms Niharika Chopra, Principal of Delhi Public School, Pali Road. The 2 days program concluded on Wednesday with phonetically empowered mentors to train the students.

A Workshop on 'Dramatization'
All the teachers were divided in five groups and each group was given a theme.
All the teachers beautifully dramatised their skits. The teachers unleashed their creativity in writing the scripts, preparing the backgrounds & props.

A workshop on 'Communication Skill' with an objective to improve communication with the students. [2015-16]
Fundamentals of communication were explained.The teachers sharpened the saws through role plays. It was really an enriching session for the teachers.