IIMUN 2019 Jodhpur Chapter

Science Exhibition 2016

The opening ceremony of the IIMUN chapter 2019-20 at DPS PALI ROAD JODHPUR conference. More than 500 delegates from various institutions were registered.


The three-day-long IIMUN at DPS PALI ROAD JODHPUR which had participants various city schools with nearly 500 students, culminated on Sunday and the budding diplomats spoke with much confidence and poise at the end of the successful MUN.

The last day of the IIMUN began with sessions of solutions proposed by ingenious delegates from different simulated committees. The participating students tried solving global issues in the academic simulation of United Nation while being members in committees ranging from CTIFT, ICC, UNEP, UN WOMEN,ICIJ,SSNI,LOK SABHA & UNHCR. These solutions were later compiled into resolutions.

The Principal, Ms Niharika Chopra said, "The IIMUN is indeed a good platform for the youth to learn to deal with issues at national & international levels. This will certainly ensure the present youth to try and change the world for betterment."

The IIMUN closing ceremony witnessed a hall full of anticipating student faces. The top delegate of every committee was selected as the best delegate and the most sought after award of the evening was that of the Best Delegation.

The Delhi Public School, Pali Road, Jodhpur was announced as the Best Delegation.