Inter DPS Dance Festival 2018

DPS, Pali Road Jodhpur emerged as an evident and unbeatable #Winner in the closely contested Inter DPS Dance #Competition hosted by DPS, Greater Noida on Saturday, 24th November 2018. The performance was highly appreciated for its unique concept, scintillating choreography and agile movements. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the breath-taking and insightful performance. The whole event was indeed soul-stirring and stimulating. The fun-filled extravaganza offered classical dance form based on #Dashaavtar of lord Vishnu.

The spectacular dancers Jia Daga, Kavya Manihar, Jaanvi Ansari, Kirti Gattani, Arushi Dwivedi, Rachita Kushwaha, Manya Choudhary, Gargi Udawat and Samriddhi Kumar enlivened the stage with their foot tapping synergy. The school feels proud of the young buds for adding another #milestone to its achievements. It made the day historical not only for the school but for parents as well. DPS Pali Road,#Jodhpur believes in nurturing and grooming#children’s character, developing their appetite for learning and excelling. 

Three cheers for DPS Pali Road Jodhpur. Let’s#Celebrate this!!! #DPSPaliRoad